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Saturday, December 5, 2009

las week, i had completed collect all the tickets from guardian!!!!

and i bring tis little monster bak home jor~~
big head!!jus like me^^nex target wil be the big head lion!!!wish u guys n me hv a wonderful weekend^^hv fun~~

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Friday, December 4, 2009

recently i'm saving money..and i understood how suffer when you are saving money..have 2 ting twice when u wan to buy something..haiz..well u kno, fight 4 ur target no matter hw hard it is..wat can you do is, stand strong n say no to the attracting things around you tht u desired to get it bak home!!!and u will get ur return:p so i had reduce my shoppin desire or ask my family to buy it 2 me:pthx for my dad for buying me this when he came 2 mlk~and also my mum who bought a shirt and a cardigans to me^^

At this moment, finally i feel the nite is so silent.. i'm seriously dun wan to get in a relationship, pls understand..u fight for love like a soldier, but i jus wanna run away..i dun hv the faith..
sometimes i really dunno wat i wan..wat i need..wat problem am i..dun ask me y i been so cold when u try ur best to gv me everything to mk me hapi..mayb cz i ad lost the passion..and wat u guys expect me to do..?wat u did mk me feel so i cant gv u any return..i tot i keep myself away from love den i wil avoid from all the problems..but y, ter are stil a lots of love problem annoying me..?
my dad told me tht i believe in ppl too easily..especially for frens..i had been betrayed b4, but i stil believed in frenship and i will stil do wat i ting a fren should do..jr mk me to believe..we have to choose..we cant get everyting..tht's y i always fail in fren really important to me..
haha..cant c her stupid face~guess who she/he is~~

listen 2 ur heart..wat u really thinking..dun b jealous with wat others having nw, cz jealous wil start a war and u wil broke down..dun b fake, or u wil loss urself..god is watching wat you doin..

i heard my heart is matter how hurt and heart broken, my heart is stil beating..even though inside my body i'm freezing..dun ask why ter always rows piercing at, cz ur heart stil beating even u feel cant breath through the pressure..because u are stil alive, and u r living in tis world,tis reality..the only one wont let you down is yourself.

simply wrote tis post..dunno wat's the point and wat i'm writting-.-"
wondering why...

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1:14 AM;

Thursday, November 26, 2009

recently, there are few people asked me y i'm nt in love~erm..i ting bz i'm enjoying my life~bz i din found my mr.right yet?mayb cz i like 2 run away on my own without woli or restrict by my partner~i like 2 do everything on my own way and of course on my own risk:p i used 2 broke in my past relationship and i never tot i'd fall so hard. i jus wan 2 get better and stay better~i ad 21yrs, i nit 2 enjoy my life nw!!

sumtime really hope ter is sum1 2 hold my hand when i feel scare and alone..but nw i realized tht ppl nt necessary should b my lover rite?ter are someone i'm sure tht they wil help me and cover up me~ specially jr,naanaa and enrique~so tht was enuf for my simple life nw~

i had lost all my feeling and passion of 'love'..i love 2 be on my way and drive all the problem of LOVE~i'm not tht brave maybe.i'm not the soldier for the war of LOVE~

You cant fix me..

i'm hapi nw tht's y i say 'no'

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10:52 AM;

Saturday, October 24, 2009

wed i woke up so early~actually nt very early:p 8sumting in the morning~ i had to wake up so early cz my dad called the ppl who from the well lab to cum our house and took the blood test..hate blood test..besides cant ensure the pain it bring, i have to ensure to stop eating from 10pm one day b4 tk the blood test!!!
my dad n mum keep telling me it wont feel pain beside me..but i kno, it wasn't true~
after took the blood, seriously i felt very faint. and the one of the workers ask my mum to gv me a glass of hot milo after saw my face bcum pale. the process was longer than my dad damn muc..well, he said i nt enuf blood-.-"tht's y my dad had taken so many photos...thurs i went to sing k and celebrated jasmine's 21th birthday with my hometown frens~i would like to share the photos but most of the photos was taken by ah pek's share the photos nex time ya~although it nt a big celebration and special cake(nt like my meimei's birthday so babi la:p), it was a gd memory too i guess:p n i'm the one who shouted hapi birthday loudly since they r enjoying in singing until forget the time-.-" and unfortunately tht waiter forgot to bring in the birthday cake at 12pm-.-" but v quite enjoyed the day since v seldom hv the celebration v secondary sch frens after graduated...the birthday gal who was bcuming more n more feminine.dun feel weird of her cloth,it was my cardigant putting on her since she felt so cold tht day:P
wearing my new cloth on tht day:p

the nex day morning, i went to kl 2 shop. and i met my fren ter, who my 1st boyfren too:p i spent my half day in pavilion.and i goin to get crazy cz topshop is having sale nw!!!another ting tht cheered me up was i get rm25 voucher(every 800 points wil get the rebate voucher,1 point=Rm1) from topshop and of course i spent it on tht day too2:p
so i bought a dress and 2 top in topshop(the dress was sale item which get 30%) and caused my purse bleeding......the supprising was i din bought any cloth from pull and bear, Zara and forever21. but i bought a pair of earing from forever21^^moreover, i bought a long dress in Lot10.after tht i went to since i had been long time din go ter. the fact is i cant stand for an hour in cz it was so crowded n hot...n i saw a lot of long dresses in which are very cheap in price@@ but as u kno, the quality was ...nt very gd..n very 'familiar' in whole's y my sis bought one but nt dare 2 wear anymore..then i went to Summit(sunway piramind shoppin centre) and i bought a pair of sandals.well, i din bought many ting but it was a relaxing day for me^^and i reached home at was a raining day in kl...
took my dinner in tis restaurant which using pirate ship as the theme..

2mlm morning wil go kl v my family again~n wil b goin bak 2 mlk on monday..monday...wil b a very busy day again~cz is rachel's 21th birthday!!!naanaa dun feel scare while alone in ixora ya and soli i couldn't mk my promise tht bak on sunday..c u gals on monday~~~

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9:10 PM;

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

it's the power of Photoshop!!!@@
sexy body shape which admire by all the gals and boys..

'S' shape...
the reality...edit too much and too over jor..

the effective of PS....
anywer,u stil a pretty gal^^
guy always wondering y gals like 2 wear high heel shoes
tht's the reason..haha...

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4:32 PM;

omg...i'm getting older and fatter.. skin bcum worse too..haiz..

when i 'was' form4 n form 5...when i was in foundation(2006)
elaine v black hair~
oh no..acting cute-.-" if i stil v tis pose, jr sure wil chase me v parang...or i wil jus kill myself..

2007 & 2008 (no more black hair till nw..)

chinese new year 2008
chinese new year 2009

when i cheacked out the photos..i admit..i'm..growing up(a better decribe to OLD...)
haiz..well u kno,岁月不饶人...i totally understood..
old old old........................................................................
fat fat fat...........................................................................
naanaa, jr,rachel....i'm nw an old fat women...

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1:40 PM;